Introducing the Entrepreneur Club – Your way to confidentially compare your business against industry peers and access the tools and resources needed to meet your business goals.

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Supporting Business Owners

Your Partner In Planning For Success

At Sovereign Wealth we specialise in working with business owners in the increasingly complex area of entrepreneurial financial planning, from pension planning to employee benefits, insuring against the loss of a key director through to assisting with aspects of exit strategies.

Through our Partnership with St. James’s Place Wealth Management, we are able to offer access to the Entrepreneur Club. Designed to provide access to advice and support that will help maximise the growth rate and valuation of your business, we work closely with advisory network support specialists, including external business consultants, who in turn work together with business owners as their journey starts, right through to exit. This insight has provided us with a deep knowledge of common stresses and needs experienced by the business owner. We can assist in addressing these key concerns and challenges helping you confront and overcome the constraints that hold back your business from achieving its full potential.

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SME Benchmark

How does your business compare?

Running your own business can be challenging and it’s not always easy to identify the route to success. The Entrepreneur Club is here to help.

Our SME Diagnostic Tool will enable you to compare confidentially your business with similar businesses on a local and national level.

You will receive valuable insight into your business, providing you with independent confirmation of the areas you excel in and helping you identify those areas where change will create significant value.

The tool is designed to pinpoint the issues that really matter to your business and we will give you access to the expertise and support you need to drive it to the next level.

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Communications Program

The resources you need to succeed

Sometimes, timely information or relevant insight into what others have achieved can nudge entrepreneurs in the right direction or reveal an opportunity that may otherwise have passed them by.

This insight can act as a catalyst for change. Consequently, we have developed a communications programme designed for club members to inspire, educate and motivate you to seek out those growth opportunities and challenge the obstacles that constrain your potential.

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Entrepreneur 360

Take Your Insight Further

Successful entrepreneurs are busy people. Managing a successful enterprise takes drive, imagination and determination.

It can be all-encompassing, demanding an inordinate amount of your time and energy as you drive it to the next level of success. So often the entrepreneur can get immersed in the day to day running of their business and lose sight of how well the business is actually doing.

Whilst your business remains one of your single greatest achievements, reflecting your values and vision, will it deliver on the ultimate financial lifestyle aspiration: creating financial independence for you and your family?

The Entrepreneur Club SME Benchmark Report provides you with a different perspective. Enabling you to view your business through the eyes of a potential investor or purchaser, it provides an objective insight into how well your business is doing when compared to its peers.

Entrepreneur 360° takes this insight to the next level, allowing you to quantify your business success within the context of your personal financial lifestyle aspirations

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